About South Suburban Rental

South Suburban Rental, located in Newport, MN, is one of the most popular sources for rental equipment in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. The business, started by three ambitious young men, has never lost sight of the importance of quality service and dedication to the customer.

With only a few lawn mowers, trucks, and chainsaws to start with, South Suburban Rental had a lot of growing up to do. However, as days passed, the courteous service of both the owners and the staff enabled South Suburban Rental to grow, not only in popularity, but also in inventory. Many customers have marveled about ‘just how much South Suburban Rental has to offer.’ As the tagline declares, South Suburban Rental offers ‘Everything Under The Sun.’

Today, South Suburban Rental is owned and operated by Arnie Horn. With the help of his sons and dedicated employees, Arnie continues the tradition of courteous and professional service. As one of the original owners, Arnie has ensured that South Suburban Rental has not sacrificed quality for quantity like many larger, chain rental stores. Whether you are completing a project in Minneapolis, or beginning a new one in St. Paul, South Suburban Rental’s dedication to quality and customer service makes us your one-stop shop for a satisfactory rental experience.